Remote Support

The Emos-Infineer Customer Support department provides our customers with a level of support that ensures the continued smooth operation of the customer’s site.

The Customer Support team consists of both support engineers and field service technicians working together to provide a timely response to any problem a customer may be experiencing.

The support engineers are based at our headquarters in Bangor and are the first point of contact for any customer experiencing a problem or a technical query. The customer support team will attempt to solve the problem on the phone with the customer.

For those problems that need solved on site our fully trained service technicians will be on hand to provide support. We also provide additional training to help your staff or any new staff operating our products efficiently.

For any problem you may be facing with your EMOS-Infineer product or for help with a particular product support documents and helpful manuals contact the Help Desk:

by phone on

+44 (0) 28 91 476022

or Email

Remote Support - Should the problem be of a technical nature the support team make use of remote access technologies such as direct dial up and VPN connections to allow more detailed investigation and analysis of the data on the customer’s site.

Please note: If an install file is prohibitively large for download, please contact the technical support team,, to request the full install on CD. - Please remember to include the shipping address in the email request.

Just download the Remote Support Application to allow our engineers to
remote access and modify our site:

Download Remote Support Client - Windows