Cashless Education

EMOS Infineers MIDAS Cashless catering is a revolutionary new approach to managing school catering, replacing cash with a system that is both secure and efficient.

Our solutions allow student and staff a way of cashless payment, by using Smart Cards, Unique Identification PINs and/or Biometric Identification (fingerprint identification) - speeding up lunch time and added flexibility for both students and staff.

Using Smart Cards and Biometric (fingerprint identification) staff and students can identify themselves at the point of sale and pay without cash.

Cashless systems are moving into a new era of school catering allowing both students and staff to simply top-up via cash kiosks, online payment through our partners:

With the use of ParentPay parents can load funds onto their child’s account online or at the Pay Point in their local shop. This removes the need for revaluation units as parents no longer need to send in cheques and money into school. Parents also have the opportunity to review their child diet and how much they are spending.

We are so pleased with our new biometric system. - would particularly want to say how much we appreciated the great support from EMOS Infineer throughout the process.

- Sullivan Upper School Belfast

Cashless Education Solutions:

EMOS-Infineer with 20 years experience has taken school catering one step further and has introduced a Biometric Identification cashless system for students and staff.

With guaranteed faster throughput, cashless catering makes long queues at meal times are a thing of the past, making meal times a more positive experience for all students and staff.
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EMOS-Infineer introduces the multi-application ChipNet Campus Smart Card , a efficient, security easy to use Smart Card that works with everything.

Our Campus Smart Card are often using in large campus school and colleges and in Universities, allowing its user complete access to all facilities using the one card.
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