Print & Copy Management

A quarter of a century of innovation and expertise in cashless payment solutions has established EMOS-Infineer's line of Print & copy system solutions. With over 9 million a customers, EMOS-Infineer Print & copy systems are the solutions of choice in over 30 countries in both educational and commercial sectors.

Due to EMOS-Infineer's quarter of a century of innovation and expertise in print & copy solutions all round the world, our high quality products work with your existing devices flawlessly to eliminate the need for point of sale cash payments, without the hassle of adapting or replacing your printers and copiers.

Our print and copy management solutions provide an unique service in which printing and copy facilities can be paid for without cash. With the use of Smart Cards, the user simply "Pay & Forget" or can maintain an account and dynamically pay for their prints and copies.

EMOS-Infineer's "Pay & Forget" line of print & copy solutions delivers low cost access to copiers, networked printers, PC workstations, vending and more with inexpensive disposable and/or rechargeable magnetic smart cards.

Alternatively your print & copy Smart Card can be used as a long lasting account card , allowing you to maintain a print & copy payment account with the ability to top-up online or through payment kiosks.

Cashless Print & Copy Management Solutions:

PaperCut's print accounting and print management software has been developed over ten years to help organizations wanting to save money on excess printing.

Providing you with the tools to maintain and manage your printing facilities.
It's now in use in over 50,000 organizations across 100+ countries. Find out more ..

Pcounter is a network based software package providing control of network printing and photocopiers, provide a revenue from your print & copy facilities.

Pcounter provides you with the ability to monitors, report on and control: the Who;What; Where; When and How of print & copying. With capabilities such as auditing, accounting, quota management, cost-control and cost-recovery.
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The EMOS-Infineer Easycard Product line delivers a complete and cost effective magnetic stripe based card solution with both disposable/rechargeable and long term capabilities.

Which allows card users to gain access to and make tender payments for a wide variety of key services.
Applications include PC workstation time and copying and network printing.
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