Cashless Commercial

EMOS Infineer provide a number catering and print management solutions such as MIDAS and ChipNet3 to businesses all round the world, in industries such as:

  • National Health Section
  • Supply & Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Section
  • Government & Council Departments
  • Transport
  • Energy Providers
  • Insurance & Accountancy

Our MIDAS solutions provides businesses with cashless catering and cashless print & copy management, allowing our clients to simply top up via online payment and payroll scheme and through credit/debit and cash kiosks.

With our cashless catering solutions we provide both kiosks and tills for canteen catering and vending controllers in operate cashless vending machines.

The system is as easy to navigate and user friendly ...... All in all quite positive!! |

- Bausch & Lomb Waterford

Cashless Commercial Solutions:

EMOS-Infineer with 20 years experience has taken commercial catering one step further and has introduced Cashless Smart Card systems for both staff and visitors.

With guaranteed faster throughput, cashless catering makes long queues at meal times are a thing of the past, as well as speed up the vending machines process. Making meal times a more positive experience for all commercial staff.
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EMOS-Infineer introduces the multi-application ChipNet Campus Smart Card , a efficient, secure easy to use Smart Card that works with everything.

Our Campus Smart Card are often using in large campus businesses centers, offices with multiple locations and large factories, allowing its user complete access to all facilities using the one card.
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