Print Accounting and Print Management

PaperCut's print accounting and print management software has been developed over ten years to help organizations wanting to save money on excess printing.

It's now in use in over 50,000 organizations across 100+ countries. With its roots implementing student print quotas in education (K-12, college to university), PaperCut has expanded over the years to cover all areas from business, to corporate and to government.

Papercut Systems offers a solution that enables customers to track, monitor, audit, and control their print and copy assets to reduce waste, optimise performance.

Emos-Infineer brings “added value” to Papercut by offering the user the ability to add monies to their account via a self service Kiosk, resulting in lower administration costs and giving the user more control over their account.

Benefits of PaperCut Kiosks:

• The new Papercut Pay2Print Kiosk offers a user friendly means of self service account revaluation

• Smart 15” Touch screen kiosk

• Full colour displays that are easily navigated

• Users can top-up their account quickly and efficiently making it ideally suited for a busy school or university

• Provides out-of-hours account revaluation and minimises staff involvement

• The Kiosk can be wall mounted our mounted to our telescopic floor Stand

• Note and coin configuration, accepting up to 6 different coins and 4 banknote denominations in all currencies

• Software allows the administrator to manage the device remotely

• Full range of customised reports available via PaperCut software

• The Kiosk use PaperCuts Paystation Software for ease of use

• Users can identify themselves with swipe or Prox card or by typing in their username and password using the touch screen

• Future development will allow students to identify themselves using Bio-Metric technology.

Papercuts print and copy control software is the only true cross-platform print control software available, providing full support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell network environments.

Its print management software is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from schools to engineering, graphic design, architectural, and accounting firms to advertising, legal and IT. PaperCut encourages the responsible use of company resources and helps to create an environmentally friendly workplace.

Education Sector

Excess printing incurs huge costs on educational/ academic institutions in both hidden and explicit ways. Are you looking for ways to cut back? Over 20,000 K-12 schools, colleges and universities worldwide use PaperCut NG to control costs.

The education IT environment is unique. User turnover is high and networks are dynamic. From its first release ten years ago, PaperCut has always been designed by education network administrators specifically for the education environment.

Commercial Sector

PaperCut's print management delivers real bottom-line savings for organizations of all sizes. Our software is scalable and customizable to your specific business needs.

Implementation ranges from silently tracking employee usage by individual, office or department, to explicit reporting of usage costs, budgeting, and environmental impacts. Rest easy knowing your organization's printing is being monitored and under control.