Card Production

Thousands of companies are using plastic cards to generate customer loyalty and actively promote a product, service or stimulate a response. A plastic card acts as an ADVERT IN A WALLET.

After a cursory glance a person will generally discard your brochure, leaflet or promotional literature. People on the other hand, do not throw plastic cards away. The generic similarity to a credit card provides a psychological importance which stimulates a strong desire to retain a plastic card regardless of content or use.

The EMOS group are one of the leading market suppliers of (Printed) plastic cards, including:

A card given to a customer or prospective customer will generally be retained in a wallet or purse and thereby serve as a permanent reminder of your product or service. It will initiate or consolidate that all important link with the customer, and help provide the rarest commodity in business and commerce - CUSTOMER LOYALTY.


Identification Cards can be personalised with variable data and protected by an encoded magnetic strip or chip. An individual sequentially ascending number provides the unique card identity.

Security Access

Security Access Cards are used in preventing non-members from using the facilities for which they have made no contribution, and avoiding unauthorised use of your services.


Cashless Payment Cards can be used as a means of payment for services such as vending, catering and printing and copy management.

What we can do

  • We will help you in creative stages and card design
  • Develop cards that will interact with current system/develop software to interact with cards
  • Application forms personalised and provided to customer
  • Downloads of pictures or data by Email secure ISDN line, disc or even lists and photographs
  • Photo team can attend site to digitally capture photographs of employees
  • Scanning
  • Key entry where required
  • Encoding of chip or magnetic stripe
  • Cards thermally diffused into a PVC, Polyester or Petg Card for high security
  • Secure overlays
  • Application of holograms after imaging
  • As we are a major card accessory supplier we can supply the imaged cards in card holders with neck chains, cords ,or clips