print and copy management

Pcounter is a network based software package (running on any Microsoft or Novell server) providing control of network printing and photocopiers, helping to eliminating waste and abuse. Pcounter monitors, reports on and is able to control: Who prints or copies; What; Where; When and How Much. Pcounter includes a wide range of print and copy management capabilities including auditing, accounting, quota management, cost-control and cost-recovery.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Pcounter eliminates waste, provides quota management with cost recovery options - ideal for charging and non - charging environments. Pcounter provides the means to account for staff and department usage for total budgetary control.


Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Solicitors, Accountants: Pcounter provides project costing and client billing capabilities ensuring that all print and plotter output is accounted for and charged back where appropriate

Public Sector

Pcounter provides monitoring, accounting and reporting based on cost centres enabling budgetary control to be implemented over what is typically an unaccounted resource.

Corporate and Finance

counter is ideal for providing department accountability and costings with options for ensuring security and confidentiality of all printed output.

Pcounter will address issues such as:

  • Stop duplicate printing - repeated clicking on the print icon
  • Printing off the internet producing badly formatted pages
  • Printing all pages of a document when only one page is required
  • Populating Excel spreadsheet cells with values that generate enormous page counts
  • Printing to the wrong or least cost-effective printer

With EMOS-Infineer's Pcounter line of print & copy management, administrators will have Total accountability (who printed what, where, when and how much) as well as:

Dramatic cost savings through the elimination of waste and misuse Monitors and enforces defined print policy accurate assessment of print volumes across all print devices.
Cost recovery options for academic and professional services Total control across charging and non-charging environments Security and confidentiality of output

System Features


All printing is monitored, costed and accounted for. Optional control is enabled via communication/messaging, configurable rules and enforcement of charge-back or quota limits.


Printing can be stopped, delayed or re-directed based on the size, type, characteristics or cost of the print job. Quota limits can be set to ensure users have a maximum print allowance within any specified time period.


All print and copy activity is accounted for – graphical, scheduled reporting options provide analysis by user, device, colour/mono, groups, with carbon footprint data and alerts for excessive device usage.


All print and copy output can be assigned to project or department charge-codes for budgetary control and external client billing where needed. Seamless integration can be achieved with external accounting databases and applications.