Multi IDentification Access System

EMOS-Infineer with 20 years experience has taken cashless catering one step further and has introduced Biometric Identification for its users.

With guaranteed faster throughput, cashless catering makes long queues at meal times are a thing of the past, and creating a unique efficient vending experience. Making meal times a more positive experience for all.

Our experience in providing cashless payment solutions has led us to development of MIDAS.
A cashless payment system designed to ensure a speedy and efficient food service in the most pressurised of environments.

MIDAS is a M ulti IDentification Access System, a new departure in delivering cashless catering systems.
Traditionally cashless catering systems have needed a specific token to identify students – a card, usually smart or magnetic.

MIDAS has expanded this beyond cards, providing a wide range of devices including:

Sites can decide on a combination of the above to ensure a “belt and braces” approach to cover all eventualities. Sites can be assured that MIDAS will not only speed up the delivery of meals but reduce administration time.

Overall the MIDAS cashless catering systems provides its users with:

Enhanced information systems

All components of the EMOS-Infineer Ltd system can be fully networked, allowing transaction details from each unit to be collected and reports quickly and easily generated.

Minimal administration when updating accounts

Remote account management allows for updates and changes to be made to a user’s account or groups.

Reliability of system

The powerful transaction memory contained in the EMOS-Infineer Ltd terminals gives the ability for the system to remain fully functional, even if the network is down.

As well as faster throughput, an EMOS-Infineer Cashless Catering system provides many benefits to both education and commercially, benefits such as:

Education Sector

Commercial Sector

Automates the allocation and reporting of free or subsidised meals

The EMOS-Infineer solution controls the allocation of free meals and subsidies to students and staff so that benefits are not exploited.

Removes the stigma of subsidised school meals

All cards are identical and the necessary information regarding free meals is encoded onto the chip, protecting that information from anyone other than the system administrator.

Discourages Bullying

Parents may opt to pre-pay for their child’s meals at the beginning of the week, month or term so pupils need not carry cash to school, reducing the opportunities for bullying.

Improves levels of customer satisfaction

Prepayment eliminates the need for cash at the point of sale tills and vending machines. Cashless catering means lunchtime queues are dramatically shortened, delivering happy customers with no hang-ups about cafeteria bottlenecks.

Increases revenue

As service levels improve and the number of students using the cafeteria increases, catering and vending revenues also increase substantially. Good news for both schools and caterers.

Improve levels of customer satisfaction

Reduces transaction times as prepayment eliminates the need for cash at the tills and vending machines. Queues are reduced leading to improved levels of service; - encourages use of cafeteria facilities.

Build customer loyalty

Once cash has been loaded onto the user’s account, it cannot be spent elsewhere. Staff are therefore encouraged to use the cafeteria facilities, ensuring high customer retention

Increase revenue

As service levels improve and the number of customers using the cafeteria increases, catering and vending revenues also increases substantially.

Improve cashflow

The accounts only operate in credit (unless the site specifies otherwise) so funds must be loaded onto them before it can be spent. This secures cash in advance.

Loyalty Eating

MIDAS offers the possibility of allocating a number of points to all food items which can be transferred into money once a pre-determined threshold has been reached.