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Sophisticated Identification Software

“ID WORKS Enterprise identification software is ideal for end-to-end management of complex ID programs”

ID WORKS Identification Software

ID Works Identification Software enables you to print high quality Identification cards with relative ease and in a secure environment. The software has a great functionality and scalability to seamlessly create card and report designs, production forms and databases. With an array of features, ID Works Identification Software is a flexible and powerful platform.

Dozens of great innovations in one great Card Printer

Modular Platform
ID Works uses a ‘pay for what you use’ solution, with seperate packages for design and production. It lets you distribute tasks effectively and lets you have only the features that are required at each workstation.

Biometrics and Smart Cards
The software integrates with smartcard technology allowing you to simplify smartcard personalisation. The EMOS Smartcard PlugIn for ID Works allows data to be written to, or read from a smartcard during the printing process. This data can be information about the cardholder or data used by third-party applications such as cashless payment solutions or access control systems.

Intuitive Design Tools
When it comes to creating ID cards it is easy to get held up with the design aspect. ID Works software enables you to design cards, reports and production forms with speed and simplicity. With shape drawing, transparent backgrounds and ghost images, the software enables you to customise with ease. The design software also allows you to access the ID Information stored in any OLEDB or ODBC compliant database or in a Directory Service via the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Enhanced Operational Productivity
Simple, powerful interfaces make it easy to capture images, enter and retrieve data and to print cards and reports.

Fully Customisable
Your card production system can be completely customised using the ID Works Software Development Kit. This allows the system to be modified to exactly meet your requirements or to add additional functionality such as data validation, cardholder history screens or personalised covering letter printing.

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